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I Deleted (almost) All My Social Media

and I’m grateful for it. That’s correct. I, your friendly neighbourhood millennial, went on a deleting spree almost two weeks ago and so far I’ve not looked back. Okay, two weeks isn’t really that long in the grand scale of things but I’m a millennial, and this is the internet age, and in this every-second-counts society two weeks is a hell of a long time.

It probably started with my blog. Not this blog, obviously, but my original blog. The one that I’d poured my life and soul into for the last two years. That blog was like my baby and I cherished it and looked after it for so long that it became an integral part of my life; and for most of that time I was able to look past the nasty messages that I received to the thousands of people who enjoyed my content. Until one day I couldn’t. I came to the realisation that I received more nasty messages than nice ones and I was dreading the idea of ever posting anything due to the huge amounts of negative feedback I’d get. By the end, it had to go.

That’s when I started thinking about the negativity that my other social media accounts had on me, for example Twitter. I’d never been a big fan of the idea of Twitter to start with really. I was one of those people who didn’t understand why anyone would care that I had toast for my breakfast or that I missed the bus again. But it’s the millennial way, so I duly downloaded and started filling up my timeline with the mundane thoughts of my life. I’d try and be witty or funny but when I took a minute to scroll back over my last few (thousand) tweets all I could see was an internet log of everything I wanted to complain about. There was a time when I could wake up in the morning and lunge for my phone to spend literally as long as an hour scrolling through nothing. What a breeding ground for negativity. So it had to go too.

With two of the social media sites that I spent the majority of my life on suddenly gone, I felt lighter. Not just in terms of phone storage but in time as well. I wasn’t wasting an hour of scrolling in the morning, and I wasn’t idling away my time at night supposedly ‘blogging’ but in reality just reading through old posts because I was too scared to post anything new. Cleansed from my scrolling addiction, I decided to examine my other nemeses. Snapchat also didn’t make the cut, and Facebook almost didn’t either if it wasn’t for my decision that I did want some kind of online presence.

That leaves Instagram, and that’s why I say I ‘almost’ deleted all my social media. The moral to this blog post is that I deleted all of these apps because I no longer found them to be joyful or entertaining in my life. Instead they were negative, battery-wasting timelines of negativity that just dragged me down. I don’t feel like that about Instagram. It’s like my Facebook in terms of that’s where I post my best self. I have a photographic log of my life there that is presented in a style that I find pretty and encourages me to search for the beautiful things around me in order to save them.

So that’s all I have now. A Facebook, for my big life moments, an Instagram for everyday beauty and this blog, for my more long-winded thoughts. When I wake up in the morning I spend no more than 15 minutes scrolling before carrying on with my day and I’ve found myself to be more productive with offline tasks. My social-media breakup has done wonders for my mental health. Of course I’m not trying to argue that social media is some demon that’s going to suck the life from you, but I’m all-too aware that that’s what happened to me. I curbed my scrolling addiction and kicked the bad habit of obsessing over likes, comments and follows; leaving my internet space to be nothing but a positive representation of what I like about my life. And I’m grateful for that.

Shameless plugging that’s at least relevant to this blog post, but you can follow me on Instagram here




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