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An Angoulême Love Affair

It feels like everything has happened since the last time I blogged.

I have fallen madly in love with the beautiful city of Angoulême and I want to live there forever and ever; especially with its winding streets (although I’m not so much of a fan of how hilly it is!) Angoulême is particularly famous for comic books, and even hosts the Festival de la Bande Dessinée Angoulême. I’m not a big comic book fan, but I do love street art and everywhere you look in Angoulême you can see comic strips or  pieces of street art painted onto the buildings. It turns out there are loads of language assistants who live there, and after becoming friends with them I’ve now found myself in this fantastic ‘squad’ of friends. We’ve arranged to meet up almost every weekend and go on trips together… and if we’re at work then there’s always our group chat to keep in touch that way.


Work is amazing as well though. All of my colleagues are so friendly and helpful and now that I’m slowly coming to the end of my paperwork fiasco I can actually start to enjoy being there. At the moment my classes are mostly just observation, or doing an ‘all about me’ class where I talk about myself and the students ask me questions. It’s a nice, simple way to slot into my new daily routine here.

I had a tough first ‘proper’ weekend here though. My Dad called me to say that my Aunt had passed away on Saturday morning. Being in a new country, surrounded by (exceptionally supportive, friendly, kind) strangers really hit home and I cried a lot on Saturday morning. Going home for the funeral is out of the question, so I contented myself by phoning all my family members, booking my flight home at Christmas and arranging a holiday with my boyfriend.

As a sidenote to all of this, I feel amazing. I think I’m in a better place mentally than I’ve been in about a year. Being more active, filling my days with fun and exciting new things and generally eating more healthy, fresh meals has made me lose the weight that I really needed to. I’ve managed to train my hair to go more than a day without being washed, and all my clothes are too big for me. When I look in the mirror I feel hot for the first time in…well ever. I’ve also helped myself mentally by distancing myself from technology (which is why I haven’t posted as frequently). Now when my phone dies and I have to wait 12 hours to charge it it’s not a problem. I’m not checking facebook religiously every few minutes even if I have no notifications. I am trying to create a more positive, healthy relationship with social media by creating a LinkedIn profile. Now I feel professional and ‘grown up’ and in the best place ever.


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