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Arrival à Royan

Now I have been living in my new town for one week, I thought I would get my blog up to date with all my adventures. Royan is a gorgeous seaside town, with lots of pretty coastal walks and a fantastic climate. It’s so warm here I almost feel like I’m holiday; it’s definitely nothing like rainy Scotland. Other than the beach, the most famous landmark in the town is L’Église de Notre Dame. Don’t think ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ though… this is a very different looking building!


Okay I have to be honest… this is not the most beautiful church I have ever seen. Far from it! 

This week I have also had the chance to sample some true French food. Living next to the sea means that most restaurants are seafood restaurants. But that suits me because I love seafood! Yesterday I tried a dish called ‘moules marinières‘. It is mussels, cooked in a wine and onion sauce and c’était délicieux.

moulles.jpgMy moules marinières came with a plate of chips as well… I couldn’t eat it all! 

It’s only been a week, but I’m starting to feel settled in Royan now. I’ve moved into my flat, a three-bed apartment that is accessed either from a rickety lift or by climbing four flights of a dizzying spiral staircase. I guess it adds to the charm of the place. I’m living with two other language assistants; one from Spain and one from America, so I’m able to learn about their cultures and countries, as well as learning more about the French way of life. We already have lots of plans to start travelling around the other towns in the region, and maybe even further to Paris, Strasbourg or Lille. I’m excited to start work, and really get into my own French way of life!

À bientôt!


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