Student Life, year abroad 2016-2017

Finally, a location!

My life has just become so exciting, and my to-do list has just grown about 50 new tasks, because I’ve just found out where I will be living in France!


A few mornings ago, the postman dropped off a small brown envelope on my doorstep (addressed to my house in ‘Angleterre‘ – I will have to correct them!), and inside there was a letter telling me that I have been given a position in a school in Royan.

Royan. Where the f- is Royan?!

Of course I dropped everything and rushed to Google Maps to find out exactly where Royan is… and when I did find it I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh out loud. Royan is a little seaside town on the west coast of France, tucked between La Rochelle and Bordeaux. I had to laugh because it’s almost exactly like my hometown, Ayr. A beach, a marina and probably lots of seagulls. I’ll definitely be taking a slice of home with me on my French adventure.


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