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Year Abroad Update

Long time no blog! It turns out the second semester of a language student’s 3rd year at university is a little bit stressful… go figure. In the last few weeks I’ve turned 21 years old and all the crushing weight of adult responsibility has descended upon me.

Of course, the year abroad is looming in the not-too-distant future and there still seems to be so much still to do! I need to renew my passport (the pesky thing expired at the most awkward of times), save money for flights and bills and all kinds of other things, organise my life into a suitcase and I still don’t even know where in this world I am going!

When I submitted my application, way back in January now, I was told that we would not be finding out our locations until April… and yet as time has dragged on it seems more likely that I won’t know until as late as June! Let’s just say that all this time has given me far too much time to think.

As I may have said before, when I applied to be positioned in France as a teaching assistant, I was given the opportunity to choose a first choice, second choice etc for where in France I want to go. After a lengthy process of research (which mostly involved looking up where is the easiest to get to), I opted for the city of Nice as my first choice. As a French and Italian student this seemed like the best idea. What’s better than a chance to be so close to both cultures of the languages that I study?! Without a terrible amount of thought I chose Poitiers as my second choice, a smaller town in the west of France. I hadn’t heard a lot about it, but at least I can pronounce it!

My heart has been so set on Nice that I have already imagined my life there. I can picture myself in the perfect, Instagram-worthy studio flat with a view of the beach and the Promenade des Anglais and waking up each morning to the smell of freshly baked bread and little birds who twitter in my window and help me to get dressed. In my dreams, I know. My only problem with this idyllic future (other than my lack of lottery winnings of course) is that Nice is considered to be a highly competitive area of France to go to. Probably because of the aforementioned beach view.

I know that I disregarded Poitiers as being anything more than a second choice however out of curiosity I started doing some research this morning… and I fell in love. Poitiers seems so beautiful, the perfect setting for my authentic French dream; and at only a 90 minute train ride from Paris what’s not to love? So I guess the happy ending to my story this morning is that regardless of where I end up on my year abroad, I will be happy and I cannot express how comforting that is.

Hopefully I find out my year abroad location soon! 


3 thoughts on “Year Abroad Update”

  1. I remember the long wait to find out where I’d be placed when I applied to be a language assistant- from what I recall I was told the académie I would be in mid-late April, and then received details of the school itself about 3 weeks later. Hope it all goes well!

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      1. It’s a long wait but it’ll pay off- and it really is true that wherever you go, you’ll have a great time as the year abroad is what you make of it 🙂 do you get a term/year abroad in Italy too?


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