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Inspired by Prague

As I may have mentioned in some of my other travel posts, I was able to take a road-trip style holiday through Eastern Europe over summer 2015. No doubt I will end up doing blog posts on lots of the places that I visited but my next post has to be about my new love, Prague in the Czech Republic. Despite only being in Prague for around 48 hours, I feel such an attachment to this city and I would love to go back there soon. So here is my blog post, sharing some of my favourite things about the city of Prague.

I’m not going to lie, I arrived in Prague in a state of absolute panic. My friend and I had flown into Munich International Airport the day before only to discover that the airline had lost our luggage (including my medication!) and we had been forced to journey on to Prague with only the clothes on our backs. However by the time that our baggage had been returned to us, the city had welcomed us with open arms as we wandered around the cobbled streets. One of the most fantastic things about the city is the reliable (and super cheap) tram system, which we enjoyed riding from place to place.

Our second day in the ‘heart of Europe’ was much more action-packed. Waking early, we took the tram northwards towards Prague Castle, which sits on a hill looking over the city… and don’t we know it! After an, erm, navigation error we ended up having to climb the steep sides of the castle in order to sample the architecture and the view, but it was so worth it! Prague Castle is the largest medieval castle in Europe, and could even be called a complex of a few different castles all in one, with a cathedral inside too. By a bit of luck, we turned up just in time to see the changing of the guard outside the castle, and I bumped into a French family so I was able to practise my target language too! One of the highlights of the holiday was definitely the compliment that my French is ‘lovely’. 

While we were in Prague all that we were told was how fantastic the famous Astronomical clock is. The giant clock is such a symbol of the city that we knew that we had to go and see it strike the hour. So making our way down the side of the castle, through a vineyard and across the river, we found ourselves in the large square where the clock is placed. There was a buzzing atmosphere, even the rain could not have kept the crowds away, but as the time drew nearer and nearer to the hour, all I could think was how cold and wet I was becoming when bong bong bong, the clock chimed a few times then the wooden figures creaked into movement. Within minutes it was over and the crowd started to disperse. Prague, you have my heart but your Astronomical clock is certainly not worth the hype in my mind.


The final tourist destination that I want to talk about is the famous John Lennon Wall, tucked out of sight down an alley. When Prague was still under strict communist rule, the wall was painted as a rebellion and as a symbol of creativity and inspiration. Since then, the wall has become a space in Prague where it is legal to graffiti. People come from all over the world to leave inspirational messages or drawings in vivid colours. I could’ve spent all afternoon wandering up and down, reading the messages of hope. Of course, I had to leave my own piece of hope; a small John Lennon quote and the initials of my partner’s name and mine. Love is the answer, you know that for sure. 

To sum up, I spent a very small amount of time in Prague and I know that there is so much more for me to discover there. But I don’t know if it was the colourful John Lennon Wall or the quirky cobbled streets that made me feel safe there, and inspired to return.

Have you ever been somewhere that has made you feel inspired? 


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